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Financial hardship

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Unforseen Financial Hardship

We understand that unforeseen circumstances can occur after you have taken out a loan that may result in difficulty with your repayments. We have an avenue called Unforeseen Financial Hardship, which could help in situations like these.

You are eligible to apply for unforeseen substantial financial hardship if:

You have not been in default for more than 2 months; and
You have not missed 4 or more payments; and
You have not previously applied for hardship in the last 4 months (unless your current application is due to materially different reasons than the last application); and
The cause of your financial hardship was NOT reasonably foreseeable to you at the time you took out the loan.
myGenie Limited understands that circumstances can change unexpectedly. If you are suffering unforeseen hardship due to illness, injury, loss of employment, the end of a relationship or any other reasonable cause, and you believe that this will make it unreasonable for you to meet your obligations under your loan contract, then you should get in touch with us immediately to discuss the matter and any alternative arrangements available to you.
For those who qualify for financial hardship, an extension of the loan term and/or a postponement of the dates on which payments are due under the loan will be made available.

You may not be eligible for unforeseen financial hardship if:

You were terminated for misconduct or contract breaches; or
Your fixed term/temporary contract was due to finish during the term of the loan; or
You would be made redundant, or you would go on paid parental leave (due to pregnancy or partners pregnancy); or
You needed an operation due to pre-existing medical condition; or
You exceed the legislative follow up time frames for your hardship application; or
You have exceeded the length of default/consecutive missed payments allowed
Unable to make a hardship application?
Even if you are unable to make a hardship application (as you don’t meet the criteria or timeframes set out in the CCCF Act), we still want to hear from you to discuss your situation. We can work with you to make your future loan repayments more manageable.
Feel free to call one of our repayments solutions specialists on 0800 729 863 or email hello@mygenie.co.nz
Free confidential budgeting advice!
If you are in need of financial advice or budgeting services, you can contact: MoneyTalks and there is no cost to use their services.

Phone: 0800 345 123

Email: help@moneytalks.co.nz